Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meego is not dead-Just yet.

Remember the unfortunate MeeGo OS? If you don't let me freshen up your memories. MeeGo OS was jointly developed by Intel and Nokia. It was first announced at the Mobile World Conference in February 2010 in a joint press conference by Intel and Nokia.The Linux-based Meego OS was primarily created to act as an Operating System for Smartphones, tablets, etc. Nokia released only one smartphones based on Meego OS- Nokia N9. The Operating System received critical acclaim and well praised by users in Asia and Europe. But fate had other plans for MeeGo.
 MeeGo definitely had a lot of potential but sadly, apart from Nokia none of the major manufacturers extended their support for the OS. The main reason for this was the interest of manufacturers in another Linux-based OS- Android. When Linux foundation who controlled the project saw this lack of interest, it quickly announced that further development of MeeGO would be stopped. In September 2011 the project was officially cancelled and was replaced by Tizen.

Nokia, however, still promised to release a MeeGo based phone and fulfilled this promise by releasing N9 towards the end of 2011. After the release of N9, Nokia announced that no more MeeGo devices would make it to the market and stated that it would still keep the support alive for N9 for a few more years. Nokia, then concentrated on the development of Microsoft's Windows Phone OS and announced to adopt the platform for all its higher-end smart-phone ditching not only MeeGo but also Symbian- The OS that kept Nokia on the throne of Mobile phone market for years.

While N9 users felt sorry for the unfortunate MeeGo, Nokia suffered a set-back due to low sales of windows Phone devices-namely Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Lumia 900. Just when everyone almost forgot about MeeGo and its origins, a former employ of Nokia created headlines by announcing that he and a bunch of other employes who previously worked at Nokia would come together to form a new start-up called Jolla which would adopt the deserted MeeGO OS and try to resurrect it. This employ was Jussi Hurmola who worked for almost 11 years at Nokia and who was also the director of MeeGo at the time Nokia announced to discontinue the use of the OS. He and a team of ex-Nokia employees are all geared yo to launch a MeeGo based smartphone with the co-operation of a few other manufacturers. He has already announced partnership with the China's major handset manufacturer Jussi stated in an interview that there is no room for a small smartphone vendor in today's market and hence he would focus on getting the support of few other manufacturer's to become a competitive force in the market.

While, MeeGo fans would be relieved to hear this, but not everything is going to be this easy. Reports suggest that though Nokia is partially supporting Jolla's efforts through an incubator program called Bridge, it hasn't handed the MeeGo patents to Jolla yet. It remains to be seen whether Jolla could convince Nokia to hand over the patent or not.

Do you think that MeeGo is really good enough to compete with iOS and Android? Do you think users would trust the platform after it was stranded by Nokia? Comment below to let us know.

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