Friday, April 27, 2012


               For the past few years the smartphone market scenario has been as follows:
-Apple leads the pack with its I-phone which no matter how good or bad makes people go crazy for it
-Android based handsets try to overthrow I-phone but still the sales of a new I-phone seem to break all previous records
-Gadget lovers are divided into two different camps with one supporting Apple(see:Apple Fan boys) and others who keep ranting about Android and calling it better than Apple I-phones
But this scenario started changing when Mobile giant Nokia partnered with Microsoft and the result was the birth of Lumia series of Smartphones. Nokia initially launched two smartphones- Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 both of which performed averagely and were hardly able to live up to the expectations of consumers and even Nokia and Microsoft. But since Nokia revealed Lumia 900 at MWC 2012 and bagged the prize of best Phone of the MWC, Windows 7.5 Mango OS is been seen the next best thing in the Smartphone world. So how good is Lumia 900? Read on to find out.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


     Ever since Apple launched the original Ipad, tablets have been considered a luxury rather than a necessity. Main reason for this is the fact that no matter how attractive tablets are they aren't able to prove themselves a worthy substitute to laptops and even notebooks. Lack of a physical keyboard was undeniably the major reason for it. While tablets were becoming a craze in the market, still there wasn't any revolutionary device that would turn the tide in favor of tablets. This fact, however changed when ASUS launched the ASUS Transformer almost a year ago. It was magnificent device- a tablet which when attached with a keyboard dock(sold separately) works(and looks exactly like a) notebook. At the MWC ASUS announced that a new Transformer pad(a.k.a TF300) will hit the markets in Q2 of 2012. Finally with the launch of TF300 in US we got the opportunity of reviewing what it offers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


      One of the biggest news of 2011 was the announcement of end of partnership between Sony and Ericsson. At the MWC 2012 Sony made it quite clear that it has a fantastic line of phones which will awe the consumers in post-Ericsson era. Sony introduced the Sony NXT line of Android-powered Smartphones which currently includes Sony Xperia P, Sony Xperia U and the magnificent Sony Xperia S. Sony Xperia S is not exactly like the familiar Xperia Smartphones. Bigger screen, full HD recording, 12 MP rear camera clearly convey that it is a high-end Smartphone. Let's take a brief look at the Xperia S' capabilities.

Monday, April 9, 2012


                   Amidst the fight between Samsung and Apple to dominate the market, there are a few others who dream to regain their lost market share and brand value. Taiwanese giant HTC is one such brand. HTC, just like Samsung chose to go the android way and uses the android OS in all its smartphones. But the last year was not a year of a happy outing for them. Out of several devices released last year, not even a single one was able to create a mark in the market. But 2012 might just change their fortunes. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, HTC announced TITAN II with a whooping 16 MP camera. While TITAN II is just out in the market, HTC has a new line up of smartphones ready to catch the attraction of consumers. This new lineup is called the 'ONE' series and as of now includes HTC ONE S, HTC ONE V and HTC ONE X. Out of these devices, the  HTC ONE X is a higher-end device and I have reviewed this stunning beauty.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


  Tech-enthusiasts, Apple fan-boys,etc were eagerly waiting for the launch of the successor to the the i-pad 2. The market was buzzing with rumors about its launch date and specifications. And here it is now- The I-PAD 3.  Has it got everything you were hoping for? what's new in it and what are the reasons for which you should buy or ditch it? Read on as I give you a complete summary of its features.