Saturday, June 22, 2013

Major Highlights and News From E3 Expo 2013

If you have been following my blog lately, you would already know how high the expectations were from this year's E3 Expo. After the three day event, gamers and gaming enthusiasts are left in a feeling of pleasure and excitement. There were new consoles, new Titles, renewed rivalry, New ways to Game, rise of Google Open-platform Android OS in Gaming world; to sum it all we got a glimpse of what the future of gaming looks like.

Sony Reveals the PlayStation 4 (PS4): Back in February, Sony was glad enough only to show case the PS4 gaming controller. Finally at the E3 expo, gamers got first sight of the console itself. PS4 has a somewhat asymmetric design, the main frame resembling a rhombus. The design reminds of the PlayStation heritage and when compared to Microsoft's Xbox One, most people will give a few points more to PS4 at least in terms of design.

Sony surely scored over its Rival Microsoft in many ways. Firstly, the PS4 is $100 cheaper than Xbox One (Xbox One would be priced at $499 and PS4 would be priced at $399). Second, PS4 does not require an internet connectivity, users can lend games to each other; there's no provision of use of a Game on one console only as oppose to Xbox One (This alone might prove to be a decisive factor). Also, titles like Infamous-Second Son, The Last Of US, Knack, The Witcher, watch Dogs, Diablo III, etc already have gamers waiting to lay their hands on PS4. Sony has stated its release date as 'The end of 2013'.

Microsoft's Xbox Conference: The reason to call it Xbox conference rather than Xbox One conference is that Microsoft made it very clear in the conference that Xbox 360 would be by no means dead with the arrival of Xbox One. Microsoft announced many new titles for Xbox One but there were many for Xbox 360 as well which now comes in a new look resembling Xbox One. Microsoft's motives were made clear by its conference- they would be providing support for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One releasing new and exclusive titles for Xbox 360 as well.
The console would be out by the end of 2013 and though it might seem Sony scored in the first round, it would be an interesting battle between PS4 and Xbox One with only time telling who would reign supreme.

Android based consoles finally ready to fight the giants: The $99 Ouya Console, Nvidia's Project Shield are two gaming console who take advantage of open-platform nature of Android to take gaming to next levels. While Ouya would attract gamers with its low price point, Project shield packs some serious power inside and with features like Streaming PC games, its a console you can't overlook.

PC gaming experience gets better: Nvidia's new gaming GPU and Intel's new Haswell chips have taken PC gaming to a whole new level. Dell has announced upgrades to its AlienWare Gaming desktops and laptops running on newly announced processors, Gaming Laptop manufacturer Razer also showcased its thinner and better Razer Blade laptop. Its quite a debate amongst gamers regarding Consoles Vs Gaming Laptops. Its really a matter of preference; gaming Laptops with good specs still cost a fortune and at least twice as expensive as Consoles. Yet, future seems bright for PC gaming.

Nintendo trying hard to stay in the fight: Poor Nintendo! days of its glory seem long gone. Wii U sales are not taking off. Developers hardly seem interested in the platform currently leading to shortage of titles. With hardly anything up its sleeve, Nintendo didn't even participate in the expo this year. Yet, it managed to create a bit of stir by announcing a few titles in small meetings focused only on gaming titles. Nintendo reminded everyone that major third party titles like Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassins Creed 4 would indeed make their way to Wii U. Also titles like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Super Smash Bros, Pikmin 3, and a new Donkey Kong are on the upcoming list. A news that might disappoint mobile gamers is that Nintendo as of now and for some time in the future has no plans of making their games available for smartphones. Alas!

So here you have all the major happenings of the E3 expo 2013. Do comment to let us know how you feel about the expo.


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