Tuesday, May 15, 2012


      Web browsing and surfing is a widely used feature in not only smartphones but also low-end phones. It is no rocket science to understand that you need a good browser if you browse the web quite often. Choices are many and depending on your operating system you might find that choosing the right one is a daunting and annoying task. So sit back, relax and read this post as I bring to you the best browser for Android, Windows 7.5, and ios smartphones. Read on as I provide you  a short summary of features of these browsers and links to download them, too.


Before we proceed, I would share a few things to make your choice easy. First, keep in mind the capabilities, limitations and OS of our phone. Second, If you have a smartphone, you might get an option to decide whether you want a full-fledged browser that offers desktop like browsing without trying to save your money on data charges or the mini version of browsers( not every browser would offer this. I will notify you below about which ones do.) which care about your data expenses and also cause less strain on your phone's battery life. So now we are set to go.

I HAVE AN ANDROID SMARTPHONE, WHICH ONE IS FOR ME? Android users have a few options to choose from.

1) DOLPHIN BROWSER HD AND DOLPHIN MINI: Dolphin browser HD is the first choice you  should consider if you like powerful performance and features. Voice control, ability to use gestures to perform different tasks and sleek mobile RSS feed are its pros while limited ADD-ONs  disappoint. One of the interesting features is User Agents which lets your browser simulate other devices so that you don't have to bear mobile version of websites and you can enjoy the desktop version of the website(This is totally under your you can turn this feature off when you don't need it.) Adobe Flash support means you can view all those flash content with ease. You can download Dolphin HD from HERE.


Its smaller sibling DOLPHIN MINI is slimmer and faster version of DOLPHIN HD. It retains all the key features of its elder sibling but doesn't really provide desktop like browsing and rendering as i mentioned above. That said, it isn't a bad browser either and easily beats its counter-part Opera mini( mentioned below). Download dolphin mini from here.

2)OPERA MOBILE AND OPERA MINI: Opera Mobile is the arguably the best browser on many smartphones but just gets a beating on Android platform. Still for those who want a HTML 5 browser with smooth and clean interface and one that scrolls as smoothly as butter than Opera Mobile 12 is here for you. The thing that disappoints is that there are no add-ons  for Opera mobile 12. What works in its favor is that its scores better than others in benchmark tests and is one of the fastest browser out there. You can download opera mobile 12 from here.

Opera mini on the other hand is the best option to consider if you want to cut down your data expenses (although Dolphin mini is way better in performance).Easy to use interface with speed dial just like its elder sibling makes it look beautiful and clean. So the choice is yours.If you want to download opera mini from here.

3) MOZILLA FIREFOX: If you are a plug-in junkie and want the fastest browser for your Android smartphone then you will surely like Firefox. You will also get the option to choose personas to customize it as you want. Easy to use and sync feature that will enable you to sync your browsing data across all devices on which you use Firefox is incredible. On the benchmark tests it beats its opponents when it comes to speeds( But I found that it might lag a bit if you load flash heavy web pages or sometimes even while loading a simple Wikipedia page). But due to the fact that it does not support flash, it isn't at the top of the chart of best mobile browser. If you still want to download Firefox then click here.

Apart from these, there is chrome which is still in BETA stage and UC browser which is a Firefox look a like if you want more options but I have recommended he best above.

I HAVE A WINDOWS 7.5 SMARTPHONE: Windows 7.5 OS known for its live tiles design is gaining immense popularity and if you have a smartphone based on it then there is a bit of a bad news for you. No major browser ( Firefox, opera,chrome dolphin) is still officially available for windows 7.5 mango. So for the time being you have to be satisfied with built-in Internet Explorer 9. before you get disappointed IE 9 on windows phone 7.5 is stunning and amazing. The ability to support HTML 5 for web pages and stream HD videos can make any other browser jealous. You can open up to 6 tabs at a time without experiencing a hiccup. Beautiful layout, easy to use interface are its pros. Searching for about half an hour on internet and windows marketplace I found that apart from browsers developed by individuals there nothing you can get if you are looking for a substitute to IE 9. I will update you as soon as any news is received.

WHAT ABOUT IOS DEVICES? Ios based devices( I-phones, I-pads,etc.) have a wide range of options to choose from but there is a catch- only one browser skyfire supports flash videos  that too not on every website. Keeping this in mind here are my recommendations.

1)DOLPHIN BROWSER : Yes, here it is again. After proving itself on the Android platform, Dolphin HD is now available for ios devices. It is better than the built-in safari browser( if you are thinking about this) and beats others in the competition hands down! But sadly, it does not support flash( not its fault, but Apple's) which is disappointing but alas! If you want to download it to your Apple smartphone( requires ios 3 and above) then you can from here

2)SKYFIRE: If you want to spent a few dollars($2.99 to be exact) for the namesake of flash video support which doesn't work on every website then here is skyfire for you. Apart from so called flash video support, there is nothing else worth writing about and instead of spending your money on it better don't purchase it. If you still want to,then you can from here.

3)OPERA MINI: Sadly there is no Opera mobile for ios devices as of yet and if you love opera and want to cut down your data expenses then opera mini is here for you. With features such as speed dial, you might very well fell in love with it. Again no flash support but we know this already,right?

There you have my recommendations for best browsers for Android, ios and and a quick info about IE 9 the only browser for windows phone 7.5 as of yet. Do comment on which one you prefer and possible additions to my list.

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  1. I would definitely agree! These browsers are the top browsers today. I have already installed Mozilla Firefox Internet browser in my android smartphone and I didn't regret a thing installing it to my android smartphone

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