Wednesday, May 30, 2012


      Every year, the top game developers and console manufacturers showcase what they have in stores for the coming year and try to satisfy the appetite of gamers. For game developers, its time to announce a sequel to their best seller or to announce a brand new title. But for console manufacturers( Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) its time to reveal a console that offers something new to the always changing market. If you haven't guessed the the fanfare I am talking about yet, then its the Electronic Entertainment gaming Expo best known as the E3 expo. This 3 day long carnival will be held at Los Angeles this year from June 5-7. What is expected from the expo this year? What's the buzzing topic related to the expo? Which game is most anticipated? Any rumors? If these are your questions, then read on as I give you complete info related to the E3 expo 2012.

 So which console manufacturer is going to show some new Hardware? Ironically, only one of the previously mentioned three manufacturers- Nintendo is officially confirmed to showcase new hardware( more on that as I proceed). Sony has not yet finished the development of what geeks expect will be called PlayStation 4. Microsoft on the other hand is still silent on when it will reveal the successor to Xbox 360( which will be called Xbox 720) but is rumored to avoid showcasing any new hardware since it wants to focus on the Kinect project.

 What are the the most anticipated games to be revealed at E3? Of the several game developers participating this year, Ubisoft and EA are the most in the buzz. Ubisoft is expected to reveal more about Assassin's creed 3 which is scheduled for a October 30, 2012 release. Also, worth watching out for is Far Cry 3 which has released a teaser trailer( watch it below) and as expected Ubisoft will reveal a bit more about the game at the expo. The Last of us by Naughty Dog developers is also an anticipated title with the synopsis stating that the game revolves around a teenage girl and a hardened survivor making their way through a post- apocalyptic world.
         As far as EA is concerned, it has announced to reveal a direct sequel to 2005 game Need for Speed- Most wanted which will add to their Need for Speed franchise.

 What's making the most buzz this year? E3 expo 2012's most anticipated product is Nintendo Wii U console and controller ( Look to the side of the paragraph). It is the first console from Nintendo that will produce full 1080p resolution graphics. While there isn't much info about the hardware specification of the console itself, the Wii U controller is catching eyeballs. Its so amazing that I have decided to write a separate review about the controller and console which will be posted soon.To get a general idea of what I am talking about, watch the video below.

       I will update you with all the happenings of the E3 expo through various posts during the 3 days of the expo. Your suggestions, anticipations, and everything else is welcomed. do let us know what you feel about the expo by commenting below. Till next time, Happy Gaming!!!

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