Thursday, May 17, 2012


   Android is gaining massive popularity and Android smartphones are getting sold off like hotcakes. If you purchased a new Android smartphone then there are certain things that demand your immediate attention while certain things will help you enhance your user experience, protect your phone, increase your battery life, reduce your data costs and more. Want to know these tips and expert advice? Then read on as I tell you about the things to do once you bought an Android Smartphone.

1) BATTERY CALIBRATION: Sounds strange, right? It might but its nothing much complicated. When you purchase your Android smartphone and turn it on for the first time you'll see that the phone has 100% battery life. While purchasing a phone based on any other OS it is advised that you still charge your phone for a few hours but not in the case of Android. What you should is play around with your phone and use it until it discharges completely( this means 0% battery left.). Now plug your phone to the charger and charge it completely. What this does it that it enhances your battery life and makes sure that i remains easy for you to monitor the battery consumption habits of your phone correctly. You should use this tip at least once a week to get a good battery performance.

2) PERSONALIZE YOUR DEVICE: Its your phone and you can do everything your way. Set your wallpapers, customize your home-screens set your ringtone, adjust screen's brightness levels and also check if any updates are available for your phone's firmware.( I recommend that you do this manually once in a while and switch of automatic updating because it unnecessarily drains battery life.)

3) CONFIGURE EMAIL, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC: This is something that you can( and I think shoulddo immediately after you start using your phone briefly. After you have been done taking a tour of the OS and seeing all the capabilities of your phone, take a few minutes and configure your E-mail and social networking accounts. As far as E-mail is concerned linking your Gmail account with the built in email app would do. For your SNS apps a quick visit to the Google place (The market place is now known as thiswould get you all you need but make sure that you select good ones. Just configure them all and you are done.