Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Android based devices are getting better with every passing year. Bigger and brighter screens faster processors and loads of apps to go along. But still one of the problems of the OS still remains omnipresent. This problem is Low battery life. While it is true that Smartphones and tablets in general consume a lot of battery life but this problem is more intense on Android devices. Are you one of those who are facing this problem? Do you want to buy an Android device but are feared of experiencing this annoying problem? Then read along as I will reveal some proven and approved tips to increase battery life of Android devices.

1) KEEP AN EYE ON THE APPS RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND: If you have an Android smartphone or tablet than surely you would be multitasking a lot. For example, while you are viewing a few snaps in your Image gallery you might also be listening to some good music. While you know that Music and image gallery are the to apps running currently there might also be some others who are running in the background which are currently of no use to you. The more apps running in the background the faster your battery would drain. You may easily avoid this by manually stopping those unnecessary apps. 

 To view the currently running apps go to SETTINGS -----> Apps and then hit 'Manage Applications'. Shut down the apps which are not using or which is draining your battery considerably. Look at the screenshot above.

2) TURN UNNECESSARY HARDWARE FEATURES OFF: Many phone nowadays include a complete pack of features such as GPS, Bluetooth, LTE, WI-FI and other hardware features. These features if left turned on all the time will drain your battery and therefore you should always ensure that such features are turned on only when you use them. A power control widget can help you in easily keeping an eye on these features and not only enhance battery life but also in protecting yourselves from security threats that you may encounter if you keep these features turned on 24 hours a day.

How To: Adjust Screen Brightness On Your Android Device3) SET DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS TO ADJUST AUTOMATICALLY: While many Android users are aware of the fact that reducing brightness levels increases the battery life, the auto adjustment setting is quite unknown. To activate this, click your main menu button, click settings, select display, select brightness. From the available options, select automatic brightness and hit OK. This feature can enhance your battery life drastically but you still need to follow other tips in addition to this one.

4) GET RID OF OF UNNECESSARY APPS AND LIVE WALLPAPERS: The ability to customize home screens is an important feature of Android OS but that doesn't mean that you can put tons of widgets on your home screens. This is because though seemingly inactive they still consume your battery life. These includes widgets that keep you updated with Facebook and Twitter notifications, provide real time weather updates not to forget those who are no longer of any use to you. Instead of carrying the burden, you should dump such apps or if possible, alter their settings so that they don't consume battery unless you use them manually. Similarly live wallpapers look attractive but better remove them for your phone and use simple wallpapers instead. Trust me, this will help you save battery life big time.

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