Monday, July 9, 2012

Kindle Fire 2 to be announced soon

This November, Amazon's 'worth the money' Kindle Fire Tablet will finally receive its successor. Sources that claim to be 'Familiar with Amazon's plans' have told AllthingsD Kindle fire 2 would be much thinner and lighter than the original Kindle fire and would feature a built-in Camera as well which wasn't present in the original Fire. the sources also revealed that Kindle Fire 2 would have a screen resolution of 1280X800 pixels. (Which by the way is just about the same resolution as i-PAD 2.) This would be a substantial increase from the original fire's resolution which was just 1024X600 pixels.[Image]

The sources also claim that Kindle Fire 2's screen won't be just sharper but would also be slightly more square. The screen of the next Kindle Fire would have an aspect ratio of 1.60 compared to the current fire's slightly more elongated 1.71 aspect ratio, AllthingsD's sources confirmed.

According to recently received reports Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 is expected to start shipping in September. This would create a stiff competition in the market between Google's Nexus 7 tablet and Kindle Fire 2.

The sources however made no mention about a second forth-coming tablet which is expected to have a 10-inch display compared to Kindle Fire 2's 7-inch display. The news about two new Amazon tablets was first given by tech blog BGR which claimed that Amazon is planning to announce two new 'Kindle Fires'. BGR stated that the 7-inch device would be called coyote and 10-inch device would be known as "Hollywood". Coyote would be priced somewhere around Google's Nexus 7 which is available for $199 while Hollywood would be slightly high-end tablet and details about its pricing is quite unknown. BGR also stated that Coyote would have a dual-core processor while Hollywood would sport a powerful Quad Core processor.[Image]

[Update: According to the sources of CNET, three different variants of Kindle Fire 2 would be launched with one of these variants supporting 4G LTE connectivity. This variant would have a 7-inch display. Also, instead of 10-inch variant, Amazon has a 8.9-inch tablet up its sleeve. 10-inch class Kindle Fire won't come any time soon.]

While Amazon and Google would be competing each other and would be trying to attract consumers this holiday season, rumors about a 7-inch mini i-PAD are also doings rounds in the market.

Which tablet do you think consumers would opt for? Do you think Apple would release a mini i-PAD to compete Amazon and Google? Do comment below to express your views and opinion.


  1. I think users will opt to buy Google Nexus 7 instead of the Kindle Fire 2 especially with the Nexus 7 quad-core tegra 3 GPU, though its doesn't have a rear facing camera but it's features are way cool for an android tablet pc.

    Kindle Fire vs Microsoft Surface

  2. Thanx for your views Matthew. I too think the same.