Friday, July 6, 2012

Windows 8 price for existing users

Microsoft has revealed details about the the price existing windows users will have to pay to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, Windows 8. According to the announcement you may upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for as less as $15! Read on to find out more.

Microsoft has announced that consumers who have purchased a Windows PC (Windows Xp,Windows vista or Windows 7) in the last month, i.e, on or after 2ND June would have to pay $15 to get Windows 8 upgrade while those who have purchased a windows PC before 2ND June will have to shell out $40 to get the upgrade.

The announcement was made on the Microsoft blog. Also, it was announced that upgrading process would be simple. First, Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant would check whether the user's PC can get the Windows 8 pro upgrade. If it could, user would be notified about this and he can then pay online and download the upgrade. However, users interested in this offer would have to register at

It must also be noted, that after the update Windows 7 users would be able to keep all windows settings, personal files and applications while Windows Vista users would be able to save only settings and personal files and the Xp users would be able to keep only personal files after the upgrade.

If existing users wish, they can also pre-order Windows 8 D.V.D for $69.99. this offer is valid till 31 January 2013 after which the upgrade is expected to get more expensive.


  1. I look forward to messing with it. Do you work with computers?

  2. Hi Jonathan. Thanks for commenting and yes, I am looking forward to getting my hands on Windows 8 soon. I wasn't quite able to understand what you meant with "Do you work with computers?", so sorry about that. Hope you visit my blog regularly.Cheers!