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  Have you ever thought of when the very first call was made form a mobile phone? which was the world's first smart-phone? who invented the voice mail? Do some people fear mobile phones? Which is the best selling mobile phone to date? I bet you didn't. So read on as I reveal 6 most amazing facts about mobile phones which you might not know.

1) The Very first call: The first call from a mobile phone was made in 1973 when Motorola employee Martin Cooper called his counterpart at At&T from the streets of New York city to notify him that the he is the first person in the  history to make a call from a mobile phone. The phone which was then a prototype became the first commercially available phone after about a decade of the mentioned call. The phone I am talking about is the one you are seeing to the right of this para.

2) The World's first Smart-phone: The world's first smart-phone debuted in 1993 at Florida world conference in 1993. The phone was known as Simon (shown to the left) and was the device with a LCD touchscreen display. The device, developed by IBM was a great innovation of the time and was capable of replacing a pager, an e-mail device, a calender and more. With only 200 such phones made, it is now a collector's item.

3) The 160 character Text message limit: The German Friedhelm Hillebrand is credited as the person who invented the SMS service. Working for the GSM group, he came up with the idea of sending a 128 byte message through existing mobile networks. The story goes that while making notes on his type-writer as to decide the exact limit of the message so that they are exactly 128 byte in size, he found that counting punctuations, special characters, etc 160 characters would be ideal both to maintaining the size-limit as well as for writing 1 or 2 lines of message which can suffice the needs of the users. While it is now possible to send a message which is longer than 160 characters, Twitter still makes his legacy live by imploying the limit of 140 characters and 20 for user name making it 160 in total.

4) Voice mail's birth: In 1986, Scott Jones, a 26 year old research scientist at MIT invented the modern cellular voice mail system over a pizza. While American mobile carriers had regulations based legal issues to surmount before they could offer voice mail to the masses, Boston technology started by Scott Jones won bids to create voice mail systems for mobile industries' big names. While we might now be fed up of the voice mail service, it was a very exciting prospect in the 1980s.

5) Best selling mobile phone to date: If you think that I-phone might be the one who would walk away with this title then you are quite wrong. It belongs in the list of top five by selling 100 million units but the no. 1 slot is occupied by Nokia's 2003 release Nokia 1110 which is a basic GSM candybar. It is estimated that over 250 million 1110's have been sold. Nokia's 3210, 3310 and Motorola RAZR are others who belong to the top five list.

6) Fears regarding phones: Experts have identified that mobile phones can very well affect mental health of the user. Experts have listed some of the known fears regarding mobile phones as-

a) Telephonobia: It is the fear of making or receiving a phone call.

b) Nomophobia: ( Also known as no mobile phone phobia: It is the fear of losing contact to your phone which can be caused if you lose your phone, your phone runs out of battery charge or if you are in a no network area.

c) Ringxiety: It is a condition in which the sufferer feels or hears as if his phone his ringing when it actually isn't.

d) Frigensophobia: It is the fear in which sufferer feels as if using mobile phone is damaging his brain.

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