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Big crowds of excited and anticipating Gamers, critics who are as hard-working as ever and manufacturers and Game developers who leave no tables turned to woo the crowds were all as omnipresent as ever at this year's E3 expo. while E3 this year saw huge crowds, the extravaganza this time didn't really offer that many jaw-dropping and 'I want more moments' honestly. This was particularly because of decision of major brands such as Sony and Microsoft to reveal something spectacular and a few other surprises( Just read on to find them). Leaving these besides, there were certain announcements that were exciting enough. Read on as I summarize the major events of the E3 expo and list the titles announced and other major revelations.
 GOOD THINGS FIRST- THE TITLES RELEASED: The E3 this year saw a   considerable number of titles released. So, I think that listing down the major ones is a nice way of bringing you the best. Here are the major titles released-
NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED: The Need For Speed franchise got a boost with the sequel of the popular 2005 game of the same name. The Game is expected to take the franchise to new heights.

HALO 4: The next installment n the HALO franchise is already creating a lot of buzz with the franchise having high expectations from the title.

ASSASSINS CREED 3: The fans of Assassins Creed franchise are eagerly waiting for the the title to release. With the story line set during before and after the American Revolution, the story line feels appealing and with superb graphics, this might very well be the best game to release this year.

Apart from these, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Resident Evil 6, Far Cry 3, Special Ops: The line and The Last of Us are other major titles announced.

THE OTHER SURPRISES: If the long( yes, really long) list of games wasn't enough to catch your attention, these will surely do.

1) Smart glass: Microsoft revealed the Smart Glass app which can turn smartphones and tablets into wireless controllers. While this will work with Xbox 360 and Windows 8, it has just opened a new world of possibilities and who knows, future might see more such things.

2) Sony's Beyond: Two souls- From the creator of Narrative classic 'The Heavy Rain' comes a jaw-dropper- Beyond: Two souls. It stars "Juno" actress Ellen Page as a mysterious woman named Jodie Holmes who has strange powers such as talking with ghosts. The story line is expected to be appealing and is the title is thus hugely anticipated.

3) Double Treat: While it was thought that Nintendo's Wii U console will only be able to attach to one Wii U touch controller at a time, Nintendo revealed that it actually can be attached to two such controllers however, doing so drops the HD graphics to 30 Frames per second from 60 Fps.

4) WATCH OUT: Ubisoft revealed in its press conference on Monday a 9-minute teaser of a game titled "Watch Dogs" which is inspired by the 2003 blackout. I guess even the best in the business didn't saw this coming.

5) Few things that didn't happen: Here comes the sadly surprising part- From Nintendo's silence on Wii U's pricing and release date to the absence of any new titles for PS vita and no signs of much anticipated "The Last Guardian" were things that disappointed.

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