Saturday, June 16, 2012


         At the mega WWDC event 2012, apple revealed the ios 6 offering an array of new features. From the most anticipated, rumored and wanted, these features promise to give the cupportino giant Apple an edge over Android. The huge list of features includes some real apllaudible ones. Read on as I list down 10 of the best features ios 6 offers.

1) FACETIME OVER 3G: This is the feature Apple users were waiting for. Finally, it is possible to access facetime over cellular networks which means users can finally use facetime on the go. Since facetime earlier worked on WI-FI, this feature might be revolutionary for apple.

2) IMPROVEMENTS TO SIRI: The voice assisstant app siri was able to create a masive buzz since its announcement last year. Though the app was indeed intended to be useful, it wasn't in reality. With a few annoying limitations inability to understand certain frases and more, it wasn't working the way Apple intended it to. But now, Siri has finally shown signs of improvements. With the addition of several language support to the ability to respond to queries about movies, getting latest updates regarding sports and scores, ability to use it to update your facebook status, its set to amaze.

3) CALL REJECTION AND REMINDER: This feature would enable users to immediately send a message when they reject a call. These messages can be customized by the user. For example, you might reject the call of your wife by sending her a already customized message saying" I am in a meeting. Will call you later." This is not all, you can even set a reminder to make sure you don't forget to call.

4) (SMART) DO NOT DISTURB: This feature is a smarter version of the airplane mode. when this feature is activated, the phone would not notify you about any call or message by ringtone or vibration. You can, however view your messages and missed calls once you pull the phone out of the Do not disturb mode. The smartnes of this feature lies in the fact that if you receive 3 or more calls from the same number within a span of five minutes, the phone would understand the call's importance and notify you about it.

5) VIP MAIL: If you receive too many mails every day, the most annoying thing is that you generally miss out the important ones. To rectify this problem, ios 6 comes with a VIP inbox that would store all emails from contacts and persons you have marked as VIP. Also you receive a sms notification for every VIP mail. The contacts marked as VIP have a small 'star' next to their name.

6) FACEBOOK INTEGRATIONAfter Twitter integration, the next big step in social networking integration is ios' integration with Facebook. This would allow users to sign in once to their facebook accounts and post updates to their accounts from the notification center, siri(as mentioned above), and facebook enabled apps such as safari, photos and maps. It also syncs all information about your facebook friends across all your ios devices and automatically updates their details in contacts( If any of your friend changes his/her contact details).

7) Passbook: Passbook would enable users to tranform their apple device into a handbag carrying all your important documents. These can include all tickets, boarding passes, air tickets and even passes to events you are attending in your phone-pouch. It would prove most useful for frequent travellers.

8) SAFARI: A new version of ios comes with a new version of Safari, the web browser all apple users are well familiar with. Safari with ios 6 comes with a redesigned sharing menu and its also icon-based this time. Its also includes the ability to sync tabs across other icloud devices and read items from reading lists offline.

9) MAPS: Intensifying its rivalry with google, Apple has come up with its very own Map service powered by TomTom. The maps come with some nifty features, including turn-by-turn navigation, reak time traffic, and the flyover mode that transforms the usual satellite view into a 3D photographic model showing a realistic view of the city( Only in USA currently). Siri is well integrated with the maps and thus the navigation functionalty is spruced further.

10) PHOTOSTREAM: Apple's icloud takes a step further with ios 6 enabling PhotoStream shares. This feature allows quick sharing of photos with a group of other users. To do say, user would have to select the photo/photos he wishes to share, find photo share in the share menu and add contacts. The collection of photos can be made private or invisible. your friends can comments on your photos and vice versa.

Apple has promised to roll out ios 6 in the next two months. The new ios 6 will be compatible with i-phone 3GS, i-phone 4, i-phone 4S, the new I-pad( I-pad 3) and fourth generation i-pod touch. however, its worth noting that some of this features might not be compatible with all mentioned devices.

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