Saturday, January 26, 2013

RIM's greatest Gamble

Its not easy surviving the technology market these days. If you don't believe me ask RIM. Research In Motion (RIM) better known as the force behind Blackberry is almost in a state from where there are only two alternatives possible-Risk it all and come up with something extraordinary or be history!

Though these statements seem exaggerated, there's no denying that RIM is indeed in a tough spot. Long gone are those days when every office-goer flaunted a Blackberry phone with pride. Also vanishing are the days of BBM addiction-The messenger service that was as symbolic as the Blackberry itself. 

BlackBerry 10 screenshot.pngThe rise of Android, massive popularity of iOS and also lack of ability to cope up with the changing trends on RIM's part are pretty much the reasons for Blackberry's slump. The BB OS never really matched the standards of its rivals, the BB app world never had enough apps to win the number's game (Or to be pretty honest any significant amount of quality apps) and RIM's failure in cracking the touchscreen code prove another major drawback. While the world watched its rivals attain new heights of glory, Blackberry was slowly but surely fading into darkness. But wait, there's a few twists still left in the tale.

In a bid to regain its status, RIM has developed a new OS- BB OS 10. A OS that RIM hopes would be "game changer". The OS is refreshing, a complete revamp of BB OS. The new OS is slick, it 'flows'. It combines Blackberry's traditional goodies with modern marvels which makes the OS a capable competitor for its rivals. The touchscreen code finally seems perfectly cracked (The OS is specifically developed keeping touchscreen devices in mind) and the qwerty keypad devices will get the goodies too. (phew,relief for keypad lovers!)

So is BB back in the game? Well, only time would tell. And the time's coming soon. RIM has planned a massive launch of its new OS and two new devices-A full touchscreen smartphone and a qwerty keypad one on the 31st of this month. (yes,just 5 days from now)

It isn't going to be easy for RIM. It will have to compete market giants Android and iOS. But its biggest threat might be Windows Phone OS since Microsoft's tile based OS is in direct competition with BB OS 10 for the position of third alternative to Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Even Windows PH 8 has a pretty small share in the market and if BB OS 10 really packs a few punches then who knows?

RIM on its part is leaving no stone unturned. From full-strength marketing to luring the developers into coding apps for the new OS, RIM is really doing all it can. So like every tech-enthusiast in the world, I am eager to see what Blackberry reveals 5 days later. The table's set. the players are ready and the underdog RIM has already put everything at stake. So will it win the hand?

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