Monday, January 28, 2013

Lumia 920-victim of developers' hatred

Lumia 920-a perfect blend of Nokia's hardware excellence and Microsoft's refreshing Windows PH 8 OS. Its just the right device for being a flagship. There's everything so very right about the device except one thing. It isn't a hardware issue, no it isn't an issue with the stability of its OS. Its the number of apps available for the platform-no where enough!

Now if you have read my post "Do number of Apps really matter?" you would most probably agree that its not necessary for a platform to have millions of apps. If there are all the major one's out there, that's good enough. But Windows PH 8 doesn't even have all those major ones. There's no temple run, Instagram and not even an alternative Browser to built-in IE. So, in short, a severe shortage of apps.

So who's fault is it? Is Windows Phone platform lacking anything? No, of course not. Its just the fault of the application developers. They just seem to be ignoring a high potential platform for no explainable reason. It is true that Windows Phone users are less than Android or iOS users but they are still enough to demand developers' attention. The platform is already out from a long time and still its app store doesn't even have all those apps which are a global trend. Now that's seriously disappointing.

Microsoft is promising improvement. It has been assuring that these so-called "Must have apps" would all be available in the Marketplace soon but there's no exact time frame in visibility. Microsoft's trying to control the outrage of itsconsumers by saying,"We have 46 of the top 50 apps" but that's so not true.

Lumia 920 is the device which is really suffering from this developers' ignorance. It has everything required to take on any smartphone required-brilliant design, Mind blowing camera, Wireless charging, outstanding display but what lets it down is the count of apps in the Windows Marketplace. After all consumers won't invest in a smartphone which doesn't even have all the necessary apps no matter how good its hardware is. Poor Lumia 920!

So while Lumia 920 suffers its fate, Windows PH 8 lovers can only hope that the tally of apps for the platform increases soon enough to keep it in competition with the market giants. Otherwise, Windows Phone is gonna have a big problem.

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