Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lets "KEEK and "TOUT"

Let's face it-Social networking has became a necessity of today's generation. From sharing your thoughts with your friends, keeping a tab on the happenings in the world and giving a platform to reach millions of people at once-social networking makes everything so easy and possible. However, twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other usual social networking sites have one thing in common-type and express yourself. But its just so outdated. There are few other interesting ways to go social now.
The new craze is social networking using short videos. Yes, you read it right, Short videos. A user can record a short (few seconds) video and post it on his account from where it can be shared among friends and followers. Its fun, its easy and its refreshing. In short, Social networking like you might have never thought before.

Now, the important question-Which are the major sites for this new kind of social networking? Well there are quite a few but here are the best two:

1)KEEK: As catchy as the name sounds, Keek is a brilliant place to start Video networking (oh, what a fantastic term!). Keek allows its users to to post short videos which can be of a maximum duration of 36 seconds (The creators of Keek say that its a secret why they chose exactly 36 seconds,so any guesses?).
Signing up is quick an easy with the option of signing with your Facebook ID also available. Just a few clicks and you would be all set to upload your first video (Videos are called "Keeks" here ). A lot of celebs have also joined Keek and you can also follow the one's you want to. With a dedicated Android and iOS apps, staying connected on the go would be no issue. You can join Keek by going on

2)Tout: Tout is another option to try this new way of social networking. Its pretty similar to Keek, with the exception that the length of your videos ("Touts" for this community) cannot be of more than 15 seconds. Signing up is again hassle-free and the option to sign-up using your Facebook ID is again available. On the go networking would be handled by the dedicated apps available for Android and iOS. With the option to follow celebs and ability to share with your friends, you might very well get addicted to it soon. You can start "Touting" by going on

The concept of social networking using videos as the medium is quite new and it might be a while before it becomes an addictive trend like Facebook or Twitter. So go ahead, join the sites mentioned above, invite your friends and follow your favorite celebs. You can share your experiences and IDs by commenting below so we may have a look on your videos too. Have a good time and yes, Keek and tout.

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