Saturday, September 15, 2012

i-Pod nano 7th gen

In the Apple recent Keynote of September 12th, i-Phone 5 was the real star of the show as expected. However, there were a few others who are worthy of spotlight as well. I am talking about the i-Pod touch 5th generation and i-Pod nano 7th generation which were also announced and revealed in the keynote. i-pod Nano got a massive makeover and impressed the audience and the critics. Read on as I provide you with all details about i-Pod nano 5th gen's features, specs, pricing and availability.

I-Pod Nano:Re-invented- Apple has completely renovated the i-Pod nano and now it has much more impressive persona. The screen on the new nano 7th gen is 2.5-inches (diagonal) in size. It has an anodized aluminum body and now comes with the option to choose from 8 funky colors (including the exclusive red). In terms of dimensions, it stands at 3.01-inches tall including the display of 2.5-inches. Its width is just 1.56-inches and its just 0.21-inches thick. At 31 grams, its as light as feather.

The power on/off, sleep/wake key is at the top right above the screen while volume rockers and play and pause button are located at the left edge. The home key is located in the center of the space below the screen. The lightning port (The newly announced) and 3.5mm headphone jack are located at the bottom.

The i-Pod nano 7th gen also has built-in FM radio with the ability to rewind live broadcast back up to 15 minutes. The slightly large screen allows you to watch videos on it if you are comfortable with doing so on a 2.5-inch display. It comes with Nike+ and built-in pedometer and hence its a pretty good workout partner.

In terms of connectivity options, all you would get is Bluetooth 4.0 which makes transferring content on the device easier. The on-screen interface has been revamped too. However, you won't be able to browse the internet since there's no WI-FI in the device.

The i-Pod nano also comes with brand new earphones, called EarPods (see image on the left) designed by Apple engineers to ensure that they fit and stay inside various ear-types. Apple claims the audio quality of EarPods is "unlike anything that you have heard". It also comes with Accessibility feature that would help people with disabilities to enjoy music (I would also review this feature in detail and test how well it works)

The i-Pod nano has only one variant that has 16 GB storage capacity and costs $149.

Is it worth the bucks? Does it deserve the the kind of hype its getting? Do comment and let us know.

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