Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tim Cook Drops Hints About WWDC Conference, iOS 7 And More

Tim Cook in a recent interview gave many hints about what people can expect with the upcoming WWDC conference. Not just that, he dropped hints about what all sectors Apple can eye for releasing more products. He also gave his views about Google Glass, talked about Jonathan Ive's work on iOS and lots more. Read on.

The occasion was D11-the annual All Things D conference. Tim Cook took the stage for a conversation with Walt Mossberg Kara Swisher. The conversation was a long one and gave journalists, bloggers and technology lovers clues to what Apple has in store for the consumers. Let me list down the highlights of the conversation:

1) "We recognized that Jony had contributed significantly to the look and feel of Apple over many, many years," Cook said, "and could do that for our software as well. I think it's absolutely incredible."

This statement indicates that Apple really expects Jonathan Ive (Jony) to
revamp iOS. Ever since Jonathan Ive took the command of iOS development, there have been rumors abuzz that iOS might receive a Ive-style treatment which would help it cover lost grounds when it comes to competition and this statement indicates that signs are really positive.

2) "[Television] continues to be an era of great interest....Current technology is outdated....There is a Grand Vision for television."

To put things in simplest terms, Tim realizes that television is really a sector of technology with great prospective. However, Apple can't make the most of it by just a streaming device (iTV). His saying of a 'grand vision' suggest Apple indeed is looking forward to doing a lot more in this sector, not soon maybe but surely there would be a lot more than a streaming device.

"I think you will see us open up more in the future. But not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.” "But will we open up more? Yes.”

This is what Tim Cook said when he was asked whether Apple will ever allow users to change Home screen or keyboards somewhat similar to what Android users can. The answer was smart and witty; at the same time suggested that there would be changes in the UI and user-experience of iOS in the near future (probably starting from iOS 7 itself) but to certain limited degree only to ensure customers and Apple fan-boys don't complain.

“We screwed up,” Cook said. It’s greatly improved, but not there yet. We have more to do."

If you didn't get what Apple really screwed up, Tim Cook is actually referring to disastrous Maps application which was launched with iOS 6. There was a huge outrage regarding various bugs and glitches of the app; so much that caused Tim Cook to write a public apology. Its good that he is not hesitant to accept the mistake and confirms that Apple is working hard on solving all the issues. Good going, Tim.

"It’s probably not likely to be a mass market item... It’s probably more likely to appeal to certain markets”

Guess Tim Cook isn't expecting Google Glass to rule the markets all over the world. He made it clear that the entire world won't switch to Google Glass immediately no matter how interesting the technology is. He was modest enough to accept that there would be markets where Google Glass would make a huge mark though.

6) "Wearable technology area is ripe for exploration"

This is really exciting to hear considering that it indicates Apple is considering giving wearable technology a shot i.e, there are chances of iWatch and maybe even iGlass (Let's not get carried away though).

7) "I'll let you be the judge of that, and yes, Jony Ive has been really key"

That's Tim Cook's reply when questioned about how big iOS 7 would be and how much will it bring for the customers. We guess it won't be long before we get to see iOS 7; after all we are just a couple of weeks away from the WWDC  conference.What do you think about Tim Cook's quotes and statements? Are you excited with what Tim has suggested? Comment and let us know.

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