Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mac OS X 10.9-Expected Featues

While iPhone 5s and iOS 7 are the biggest buzz in the tech community as of now, Mac OS X 10.9 is struggling a bit to get its fair-share of limelight. But that doesn't mean it isn't going to be something interesting. Just like iOS, Mac OS needs some changes. The Cupertino giant is trying hard to make sure that Mac OS is able to give a similar kind of user-satisfaction that iOS has been able to deliver for some years now and to make this possible, Mac OS X team has planned to include some really great features in the upcoming build of Mac OS X code-named 'Cabernet'.

A slight makeover: Just like iOS, Apple is planning to re-design some key elements of Mac OS X as well. Don't expect a major over-haul,though. Thefirst-party apps will be re-designed and will get a new look. Some app and elements such as yellow-lined notepad app, etc might be replaced by flat, simpler textures and features. iOS 7 is reported to feature flat colors and shapes of Microsoft's Metro UI found in Windows 8. So Mac OS X might also follow the trend.

Siri and Apple Maps for OS X: Apple's revolutionary voice-assistant which first debuted on iPhone 4s might be come built-in right into the 'cabernet'. Siri requirements of powerful hardware to support all its features easily can be easily fulfilled by iMacs and Macbooks. Also, Apple might actually increasing the speed of siri functioning by building the voice-assistant right into the OS X  and by proper integration with all of its features.

Apple Maps on the other end needs a lot of improvement. When the maps debuted in iOS 6, they caused chaos among the users with the large amount of bugs and issues. Tim Cook even had to write an apology letter for the users and even caused sacking of iOs chief Scott Forstall. But, if reports are to be believed, Apple has finally found solutions to all the issues and capabilities of the Apple Maps have also been improved. Hope, Apple has got things really sorted out this time around.

Tabbed Finder and Full Screen Apps on Multiple Displays:  One of the major shortcomings of Mac OS X is that its finder still requires a new Window unlike Windows OS. Third party tools such Totalfinder have been the workarounds for the issue but finally we might actual see the feature built-in to the OS X.

Also, the ability of running full-screen apps on Multiple displays has been something Mac OS users-especially professionals have been wanting for from quite-a-while. If it really makes it to the features list, 'Power Users' would be the most happy.

So do you think OS X 10.9 would be the turn-around the platform is waiting for? What all features do you think the OS should have? Comment and let us know.

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