Thursday, April 11, 2013

Xbox 720 Release Date And Expected Features

When it comes to Gaming consoles, Xbox has a special place in the hearts of the gamers. Its been really quite a while since the launch of Xbox 360. Gamers all around the world are now eagerly waiting for the launch of next generation Xbox which is expected to be named Xbox 720. With Sony already working hard on its Ps4, Xbox 720 is entitled for some tough competition. So, when can gamers get their hands on the next-gen Xbox? What are the expected features of Xbox 720? Read on to find out.
Expected Release Date: Microsoft is still mum on when it would actually reveal its Xbox 720 console. However, it has an event planned for 21st next month in which we can expect to catch first glimpses of the console. Also at the E3 expo 2013, we might see a detailed presentation. However, expect to get your hands on the console sometime around Christmas.
Will Xbox 720 be backward compatible?: The answer is no and yes. No, because rumors suggest that Xbox 720 will be based on x86 architecture with some or other kind AMD Jaguar technology. Therefore, emulating Xbox 360 games at playable speeds which are based on x64 architecture is almost next to impossible.

Yes-because there are reports suggesting that a device named Xbox mini would be launched along with Xbox 720. The device, as rumors say, can be plugged into the Xbox 720 and this would allow Xbox 360 games to run on the console. Sony is already betting big on its Gaikai streaming technology for backward compatibility having gotten rid of built-in backward compatibility. So we can expect Microsoft to find a good solution to the two-platform problem.

Xbox 720 might require an "Always-On" Internet Connection: This can really piss the gamers off. There are reports coming in that Xbox 720 might require users to have access to an always on internet connection, in absence of which, they won't be able to play any game on the console. There is already a huge outrage in the Gamers' community about these reports and we can expect that Microsoft doesn't go down this lane. You know, Internet and Gaming consoles never really seem to go well together.

Pricing: Expect to shell out somewhere around $500 to buy the Xbox 720.

Are you waiting for Xbox 720? Will you prefer it over PS4? Do you support Always-on Internet Connection requirement or hate it? Comment below to let us know.

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