Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Safely Updating Your Phone's Software

One of the exciting features that the smartphones of today offer is the ability to update your phone's software. These updates keep your phone up-to-date  with what your smartphone manufacturer has to offer. Mostly, updating your phone's software is a simple and anyone-can-do kind of process. However, there are always chances that you might actually get a few things wrong and get your precious phone bricked making it more or less useless. To avoid such an incident, you just need to follow certain tips when attempting to update your phone.

1) Backup Everything: Before you even begin downloading your update, its always advisable to backup all the data on your phone. This will prove valuable if things go wrong while you are updating your phone. To save 
 ourself from a lot of frustration, this is absolutely mandatory. your phone's PC suite software (iTunes for iPhone, Samsung Kies for Samsung smartphones for example) can help you create a backup pretty easily.

2) Download update from Official Sources: Whenever you are updating your phone, you should always make sure that you are downloading the update from the official site of your manufacturer. Downloading from a third party or un-trusted sources like torrents, etc exposes your smartphone to many threats including malwares, viruses, security issues, stability and performances issues, etc. Yo surely would not want all such problems, would you?

3) Have 100 % battery while updating: Updating can be a lengthy process. If you are updating your phone over Wi-Fi its important that your phone has as much battery left as possibly (100% for total safety). If your phone's battery runs out while an update is in progress, you might end up bricking your phone or making it unusable. You might also connect your phone to a power source to ensure that such a situation is avoided. 

4) Follow Updating Procedure with care: Updating isn't a tedious task. However, you should always follow the steps mentioned in the update or your manufacturer's website while installing the update file. Remember, its better to follow the steps of the entire procedure properly than running around trying to get your bricked phone back to normal again. If you follow the steps properly, it wouldn't be a tough task getting your phone updated.

5) Of anything goes wrong, contact authorized support: Sometime's accidents just happen. You might do everything mentioned for updating and still, you might run into certain issues. At such time, you should always contact your manufacturer's Customer Care or approach your nearest authorized service center. Never try to fix issues yourself. You might actually end up complicating  things.

Do you have any other tips? Want to share your updating experience? Have a query? Share it all by commenting below.

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