Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google I/O conference 2013

Google has announced that its Google I/O conference 2013 is scheduled for May 15-17. The event as expected is creating quite a buzz. The tickets for the event got sold out within 49 minutes of them being made available for purchase, which is quite an achievement. The event is expected to be a massive one with lot of new launches and announcements expected. Here's a brief rundown of the probable highlights of the Google I/O this year.

Showcasing of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie: The next major upgrade of the Android OS-Key Lime Pie (KLP) would be revealed at the I/O. The expected features of KLP include strong social networking integration, introduction of profiles, better power management, etc. Some rumors also suggest that Android 5.0 might introduce gesture based UI. Ability to demo games and apps on Google Play is also expected. On top of all this would be improved lock screen and home screen customization options.

Launch of Nexus 5 or Google Motorola X Phone: Since the new version of Android would be definitely launched at the I/O, its is equally likely that the first device that would run on the new OS would also be revealed. But here's the fun, it might not be the next generation of Nexus.

There are rumors that Google has been working on a new phone named Motorola X after it bought Motorola last year. Recently, a few specs and images of the alleged phone X have also surfaced online. Considering the fact that Nexus 4 is still selling pretty well and that it was launched towards the end of last year, Google might really surprise us all by granting the new dessert to phone X first and launch Nexus 5 later on in the year.

But, Google might opt to release Nexus 5 at the I/O just to make sure that the tradition of new Nexus device getting the taste of new OS version first is maintained. Either way a new device is surely on the cards.

Another Presentation Of Google Glass: The Sci-Fi turned reality Google Glass might be presented briefly once again at the I/O 2013. The Google Project Glass has had world drooling already and after the reports of the Glass hitting the markets towards the end of the 2013, we can expect something about Google Glass from the I/O.

Introduction of Google Babble: Finally, Google has developed a service that will help you unify data from all of Google's communication services like Gtalk, Gmail, Google Voice, etc. The smartly named Google Babble will unify Google's numerous communication services, including Google Talk, Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, Chat for Drive and many, many more. Also, Google Babble will reportedly work on Android, OS X, Chrome OS and Windows (we can assume iOS will be covered as well). 
This means start a chat on your phone, continue it midway on your laptop and finish it on a tablet or something else. This might be similar to Apple's iMessages but Google has the advantage since it supports not just multiple devices but also multiple OS's.

We Could see the Google Nexus 7.7: After the enormous success of Nexus 7, Google might introduce Nexus 7.7 to compete with iPad mini. The screen size of 7.7 inches would help it compete better with the 7.9-inch iPad mini. If Google launches it at the right time, it might tremendously affect the sales of next generation iPad mini expected to launch later this year.

Apart from the above mentioned devices and services, there might be updates and improvements in many of Google's services including the Chrome OS. 

So as the expectations of the world rises, we can just begin countdown to what might be the biggest event of the tech-world this year. Comment below to let us know what your are expecting from Google I/O 2013.

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